Mar. 18th, 2012

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Name: Pasha Andreynia Chekov.
Gender:  Female.
Species:  Russian Human.

  Kara and Andrei Chekov.
Grandparents:  Josephina Kullsk (living) and Yuri Kullsk (deceased), Artur Chekov (deceased) and Darya Chekov (deceased).
Siblings:  (In order of age) Alexander, Viktor, Dmitri, Grigory, Leonid, Erik, Piotr.

Skin colour:  Very very pale.
Hair colour: Light brown.
Hair length:  Slightly longer than shoulder length and loose ringlets.
Eye colour:  Light blue with dark blue ring around iris.
Size:  5ft.
Build:  Very slight and thin. Strong legs from marathon running.
Description:  Pasha can most often be found with a book tucked under her arm and curly hair at bay behind her ear. She walks with a very straight posture with her head held high. She is a relatively pretty young woman though she never goes out of her way to make herself as attractive as she could. Pasha rarely bothers with make up or excessive primping, she has much better things to do with her time. Her clothes tend to default to blouses and knee length skirts or comfortable jumpers and trousers. It's a rare event to see her in a dress or heels.


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 (For [personal profile] convertable_cameo )

'Two weeks medical leave pending mental and physical checks before return to full service.'

Every time Pasha looked at the message on her PADD it made her feel sick to her stomach. It was happening again, they were going to ruin her career unknowingly with kindness. This was the kind of thing that stuck about on permanent promotion records. There would be records of the event and break downs of the stoic state she'd been in for the past week as well as probably advisals from both McCoy and the nurses who had treated her. The thing that stung the most was being completely locked out of the navigational systems to 'encourage' her to rest and relax.

It only made her more anxious, not knowing where they were and who was on the con. And who was touching her console and sitting at her rightful place at the helm. There had been messages from well wishers as she had expected. But none of them exactly said 'Sorry you were humiliated entirely by a close personal friend in front of several of your crewmembers and a man you've had a crush on since you met him.' Hikaru hadn't even spoken to her since it had all happened and she was worried that she'd lost his respect forever, never mind any feelings she might have had for him. She'd half hoped he might have at least pitied her and come to see how she was. He knew she got ansty being away from the helm like this.

She glanced at her PADD once again, desperately wishing for the words to change or alter, determined to stare at them until they changed, gnawing furiously on her lower lip and listening to the minutes counting down in her head until she was at the helm again. 


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